Monday, April 17, 2006

What's Worse

Sunday evening
Monday morning?


junebee said...

Monday morning. At least on Sunday evening there is the distraction of sleep.

Octopus Grigori said...

Sunday evening: all you can do is sit around and dread Monday. Monday morning is not as bad because you usually wake up late and are in a rush and don't have time to consider how lame Monday morning is.

Anonymous said...

Sunday evening. You JUST started to enjoy the weekend and got use to sleeping your full 8 hours the night before and it will be all gone in a few hours.

Monday morning is actually not bad. You are all psyched to get the week going, it's Tuesday morning that sucks... when you know you have 4 more days of this.


hh said...

sunday evening.
i'm so easily depressed about the future. it's sad when good things must come to an end. then once monday is here, i'm too busy to have time to think...