Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Embrace the Gwen in You

Is it cool to like Gwen Stefani or is she too big to be cool now? Well, either way, I think she rocks. She's so over-the-top girlie that you gotta to respect her. She writes about getting dumped and sings it for everyone to hear. And, of course, she's from Anaheim (former secret stronghold of the KKK, now the happiest place on earth), which is pretty rad. I almost wanna say that she's the new Madonna.

I never saw the Hollaback Girl video (above), but I totally dig the song. Apparently, it was the first non-hip hop, non-American Idol #1 single since 2001. Also news to me was that the song was inspired by none other than Courtney Love:
The inspiration for "Hollaback Girl" is generally ascribed to an insult from Courtney Love. Love had publicly accused Stefani of being a "cheerleader" for the music industry, essentially, an artistic sell-out. When asked about the composition's origins, Stefani responded (without mention of Love), "The song came about after somebody once called me a cheerleader in a negative light. So I said, 'well fuck you, I am a cheerleader, watch me on stage. I’m gonna make a big cheerleader song and you can fuck off.'"
From Wiki.

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junebee said...

I read on another blog where the Hollaback song is real popular with little kids.

It just amazes me when people like Courtney Love critcize the very system that put them where they are. Talk about biting the hand that feeds.