Tuesday, May 9, 2006

New Wheels

LA is the land of the fancy, brand-spankin' new car. Even scrappy 25 year olds hanging out on a weekday (read: probably jobless) drive new Infinitis, Minis or 3-Series (they don't call them Beamers out here). How can this be? The answer: leasing. I was let in on the secret that just about every other person in LA leases a car. That explains why there are so many cars on the road that don't have license plates yet. But it's not just the climbers and plebes that lease nice cars, Kanye West (or more accurately, his company) leases too (a Mercedes G500, no less). His company has failed to make its lease payments and now Kanye, as guarantor, is getting sued. Whoops!

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junebee said...

I always thought leasing would be more expensive and then you don't get to keep the car in the end. But I suppose in LA people think differently.