Thursday, May 4, 2006

Thoughts on Last Night's Lost Episode?

Possible explanations for what Michael did? Think they're both dead?


mhelbing said...

I think Libby has her own TV show coming up, so I bet she's toast. According to an article on TV Guide, Ana Lucia was only signed for one season. I see two possibilities:

1) Michael has become one of The Others and is rescuing not-Henry Gale, who I still maintain is the leader of The Others.

2) Michael is so desperate to get Walt back that he struck a deal with the others to free supergenius leader not-Henry, no matter what the cast.

chanchow said...

Libby getting her own show? Haven't heard that. If that's the case, then I guess Hurley will be sad and alone, especially when he remembers (if he ever does) where he previously met Libby.

Michelle Rodriguez was on Regis & Kelly this morning and she confirmed that her character was kaput. Next up for Michelle: starting up a clothing line and putting acting on the backburner. Neither Regis, nor Kelly asked about her recent stint in the pokey.

I think both of your possibilities are totally possible, but they don't explain why Michael shoots himself. If he were trying to rescue Henry Gale, then he and Michael could have made a quick getaway. If Michael were trying to trade Henry for Walt, then he could tell everyone that when Ana Lucia tried to shoot Henry, Henry wrestled the gun away and shot Ana and Libby. Michael could just say that he was sleeping and didn't hear anything.

I'm trying to think through other scenarios. Haven't come up with anything yet.

Octopus Grigori said...

I think Michael has either joined the others or has agreed to work for them in order to get back Walt.

He had to shoot himself in order for him to maintain that Henry had somehow wrested away the gun, shot Libby, Ana, and Michael when Michael tried to stop him from running away.

Also, it sounds like Michael is trying to get the castaways to launch an attack on the others, which would probably be a tremendously bad idea. Perhaps Michael had to shoot himself and stay behind so that he could continue to persuade the castaways to attack the others and lead them to their downfall (and an action packed season finale).

This show is totally stupid. They are just making shit up and we are the monkeys trying to piece everything together. So what happened to that horse? What happened to the polar bear? Where'd it come from? Why hasn't anyone ever gone back to the front half of the plane? What happened to the island monster/security device? Has anyone played backgammon this season? Has there been any use of the black and white theme? Or was that just some bullshit sort of trippy crap? Has the show completely forgotten about the numbers?

I'm beginning to think that the button they press in the Hatch is a gigantic parody of us, the viewers. Every week (or every week the deign to show a new Lost), we compulsively watch yet another inexplicable show, full of crap that will never be explained and likely forgotten. We dare not skip an episode, because God knows what might happen!

Octopus Grigori said...

I can't believe Boone and Shannon are dating. Ick.