Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Like Cars

I guess I've always liked cars. Or at least noticed them, recognized logos and models, stuff like that. But living in LA has made me pay even more attention. Now I notice things like rims. The other day I said to my friend "Oh there's another car in the parking lot exactly like mine, except mine has better rims." Laughable, but that's a fact. My car has better rims.


hh said...

your car is a movie star!

do you like "the cars that go boom"? :)

junebee said...

Glad to hear your rims rule! I bet you see alot of fantastic cars out there. Where I live it's rather nuts & bolts - Toyotas, Ford pick-ups, Nissans, the like. I think I have the oldest daily driver in this neighborhood, it's a 1993 Ford Mustang. With standard-issue rims.