Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weekend Movies

I was really looking forward to seeing Knocked Up and I'm glad to say it didn't disappoint. Very pretty and 'together' girl (Katherine Heigl) has drunken one night stand with sweet stoner loser (Seth Rogen). Laugh out loud funny. Better than The 40 Year Old Virgin.

Also saw The Illusionist. I have no idea how this got to the top of our netflix queue (or how it go on at all, for that matter), but instead of sending it straight back we thought we'd give it a try. A romantic mystery thriller set in 1900s Vienna. Magician (Ed Norton) is in love with the Prince's fiance (Jessica Biel). The Chief of Police (that dude from Sideways), who is also the Prince's right hand man, investigates. Happy to say that it wasn't as dry and boring as it sounds. It was surprisingly good.


creative-type dad said...

Better than 40-year old virgin?

OK, you've sold me..

Adrienne said...

Knocked up was awesome, as was Waitress.