Sunday, June 10, 2007

Up Early to Watch the Men's Final. Woof woof woof.

Hey look, he's smiling!

The French Open began at 6am Pacific time. I woke up around 7. It's now in the third set. Nadal serving 3-1, 40-30. I'm not really rooting for anyone in this match, although I suppose I'd like Nadal to win. I like that he has a blog. And how he wears clam diggers.

It's supposed to be warm today, but right now skies are cloudy. I love weekend mornings. So quiet and relaxing. Just the birds chirping and the occasional car driving by.

My office is having a summer potluck/chili cookoff in the next week. I'll be entering my spicy veggie chili. I bought a crock pot at Target for the occasion.

Yesterday Octopus and I went to the optometrist to get new glasses. I can't believe how much glasses cost. Even with vision insurance, our two pairs cost over $200 each.


junebee said...

Nadal is SO hot! :D Thanks for the link to his blog.

Spicy vegetarian chili sounds good. Will you share the recipe?

chanchow said...

He's way cuter when he smiles. I can't believe he's only 21!

Yes, will definitely share my chili recipe. I'll try to take a pic next time I make it and post it.

Adrienne said...

I am so not tennis. I am the only one in my family. My mom and sister on the computer this morning, so sad for federer but happy for Nadal.

Give me a good baseball game (not counting tonight's game that the Dodgers got trounced in!)

Kris said...

I watched tennis every day last week. Nadal's great to watch. The final was surprisingly dull I thought. I was looking forward to it all week. Poor Roger. He never stood a chance it seemed.

chanchow said...

I agree, the final was a dud. Too bad for Roger. He couldn't find a groove. Wonder if he'll ever win it.

Octopus Grigori said...

He sorta looks like my little brother.

hh said...

after missing the last two french open finals, i'm happy that i finally got to watch it this year and that nadal won!!! he's fun to watch. although, i agree that the game wasn't really that exciting. it's great that someone can beat federer.
that's funny that he has a blog...