Monday, June 25, 2007

¿Where in the World is Chanchow?

Greetings from Santiago, Chile where it´s ¡Chilly! We touched down in Santiago at 7am and it was 28 degrees outside. I couldn't believe that I'd left summer in LA for wintertime somewhere else. But it's OK. Now it's warm. It's been about 65 degrees during the day. Chilean people are nice. They look much whiter than I expected. More Spanish than South American or indigenous looking. At least here in the city.

Mañana we are off to Easter Island. We´ll be flying on a 767 so I wonder how many people will be on the flight. LAN goes to Easter, then continues on to Tahiti (I think), then comes back. There is a small runway on the island that was expanded to accommodate an emergency space shuttle landing. No joke.

¡Hasta luego!


junebee said...

Have a great trip! Hopefully you can post some pictures when you return.

Anonymous said...

That's sorta true...but a Space Shuttle could only land there during a Transoceanic Abort Landing if it were launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base, which never happened. Vandenberg was planned as a launch site way back when, but was eventually scrapped after the Challenger disaster.