Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Shopping for Nature

"Hot lips" salvia. We got some of these.

We went to the Lincoln Avenue Nursery in NW Pasadena over the weekend and bought a boatload of plants. Hohh, it was fun. And I owe it to Mr. Octopus...

Left to my own devices, I have a very frustrating tendency to go to the nursery and buy one plant, maybe two. I spend lots of time mulling things over, what if this, what if that, such that the plant buying experience, which should be fun and easygoing, sometimes gets overwrought and unpleasant. I become paralyzed by the options and the fear of buying something I won't like later.

This led to my recent gardening breakdown. I was really pissed that I'd spent all this time thinking about plants and visiting nurseries and still my garden didn't look the way I wanted it to. I didn't have enough plants, I didn't like how they were laid out. I just didn't like anything. And that's where Octopus came in.

He's not much of a planner. He's more of a let's just get it and it'll be fine kind of person, which can be a good counterbalance to my overthought and hyperplanning personality. So we went to the nursery and we got lots of stuff. It was like my birthday! Tee hee.

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