Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I've Been Watching Lots of Law and Order: SVU

I don't watch the new episodes, just the reruns on USA. Octopus is having a guys night out at the ballpark tonight, so I will occupy myself with reruns of SVU. And some Basa white wine.

Last night I took a spinning class and almost passed out. I pushed myself harder than usual and by the end of class I felt awful. So awful that I had to jump off my bike during cool down and book it to the bathroom. On the way I was afraid I would faint, slip on the bathroom floor and hit my head. Thankfully, none of that happened. I made it to the bathroom stall and must've sat on the john, head in hands, for like five minutes. Maybe more. I think my blood sugar was really low. It was scary. Now I have a good reason for not working out too hard.


hh said...

oh my god, is that the show with that creepy black out screen with caption and the creepy music that freaks me out?

junebee said...

At the "Y" I go to, they have spinning in an extremely dark room. There is only a tiny slit for a window in the door. Way too claustrophobic for me! Besides, who wants to exercise in the dark? I remember the time the lights went out in martial arts. I was scared to death.